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Established in 1950, Bahama has been considered a pioneering brand and quality leader in the specialized market umbrellas and designer fabric structures. For the past 58 years, the complete Bahama umbrella line has been designed, engineered and manufactured on-site in German based facility. The in house production has allowed for complete precision and quality control, distinguishing Bahama umbrellas as a superior brand.


Our clients consist of top hotels, restaurants and outdoor venues. With the creativity in design, architectural distinctiveness’, reliability and perfectionism in every detail, Bahama is the only choice for top organizations around the world.

The BaHaMa® Jumbrella Umbrella is a popular sunshade for bars and restaurants. It is wind stable, waterproof and absolutely long lasting. As soon as the umbrella is no longer intact, it can be peeled off and washed or replaced as required. For some time, the manufacturer has even offered a prolonged wind guarantee: the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 37 months on his Jumbrella sunshade. If the screen after this time a new screen blanket, is granted another 37 months. Twice the warranty can be extended so that our customer receives a wind guarantee of 111 months (9.25 years).

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With their timeless design, the Jumbrella series is the legacy to our success. The Bahama Jumbrella offers the latest evolution of systems that have become an industry standard. Despite many imitations, the Jumbrella remains unrivaled in quality, reliability and overall performance.

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Years of development, engineering and experience support these high-tech designs. No one can provide this level of quality at such an affordable price. By providing luxury options, the Jumbrella’s can be tailored to our clients needs. Such options can extend outdoor revenue year round. From cold winter nights to hot summer days, Bahama luxury options will keep your business going rain or shine.


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JUMBRELLA CXL is the name of the youngest top line. With true ground coverages from 25 through 37 m² its 4 standard production models amend the renowned JUMBRELLA family as the 14th through 17th model.Most important CXL features in brief:

•Telescopic major pole Ø 100/3 mm

•Nett erection/handling weights ranging from 159 through 190 kg

•Subject to permanent in-ground/concrete installation max. allowable wind or peak gust velocities acting on the unfolded & tensioned structure ranging from 90 to 110 km/h (49 to 59 kts).


Due to the built-in BAHAMA »Servo-assisted kinematic system« (int’l pat. reg.) the giant CXL models can easily be unfolded & tensioned even by female operator personnel.


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For over 30 years, the MAY brand has stood for premium parasols. From the very beginning, consistently creative ideas have been transformed into technical solutions with all their might. This has resulted in all-weather parasols and gastronomy parasols that prove themselves in daily use all over the world. The accumulated experience of longstanding employees guarantees the implementation of our goals in consistently high quality - from processing to service. Our daily motivation are satisfied customers and the joy of creating mutual success. Please take a little time for the May parasol catalogue and enjoy the year outdoors with our products.


The small details make the big difference:

- constructed in Germany

- produced in Germany

- proven throughout the world

MAY - sunshading systems, made in Germany





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